“Best Building of the Year in Latvia 2019”

Since 1998, the Latvian Builders Association (LBA) has been organizing the demonstration “The Best Building of the Year”. The jury of the demonstration “The Best Building of the Year 2019 in Latvia”, 48 construction industry experts from 24 industry organizations, had nominated 85 buildings for the second round of the demonstration, while the jury had nominated 41 buildings for the final tour. Buildings had been judged in eight nominations, each equated to a gem: New Public Building – red ruby, gives energy and optimism; New Residential Building – light jasper, protects from stress, calms; Engineering Structure – blue sapphire, helps to cooperate; Wooden Construction – amber, improves health; Restoration – brown-red garnet, preserves the beautiful and unique; Reconstruction – yellow zirconium, allows to regain strength and transform; Landscape – green emerald, promotes fertility and harmony; The Object of Building Information Modelling – turquoise, opens our spirit.

The children’s playground built last year at Jāņa Čakste Ave. 1, Ogre was also nominated in the nomination “Landscape”. According to the jury’s assessment, the landscaped area had taken the 3rd place.

More detailed information is available at the home page of Ogre Municipality and Building of the Year.


Also, we are a participant of the Bronze level of the Advanced Cooperation Program in the State Revenue Service